Kung Fu programs

Adult kung fu

In-person and online options available.

Choy Li Fut kung fu is a dynamic martial art style with a diverse repertoire of movements. Class curriculum:
Primary goal: Improve overall fitness.
Secondary goal: Gain self-defence knowledge, Foster good biomechanics and posture to help you in day-to-day activities of daily living (ADL).

Everyone is welcome, with or without previous martial arts training experience.

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Children kung fu

In-person and online options available.

Studies have shown the positive trends of long-term participation in physical activity programs such as martial art. Such programs help improve children’s executive functions i.e., creativity, flexibility, self-regulation, discipline, and working memory functions.

By instilling good movement patterns in the children’s kung fu program, children will gain the foundation which will set them up for a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Self-Defence Toronto

Self-defence program: an introductory martial arts self-defence program to help one to realize the increased confidence. More information coming soon.

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Essentrics™ program

Essentrics™-stretching, strengthening, mobility full body exercise

In-person and online options available.

Essentrics™ is a full-body workout that draws inspiration from ballet, Tai-Chi, that develops lean, strong muscles and improves your posture. The fluid and dynamic movements nature of the exercise is low impact and improves joint health. Lighten up your mood and move to the rhythm of the songs playlist.

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