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Stances - The Most Important Secret in Martial Arts Practice

Stance is the ultimate foundation in martial arts practice. Stance is the essence of any kung fu practice. Without it, the quality of the kung fu techniques and leverage will not be effective.

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Punching Power “Leaks”: How Bad Posture Lowers Punching Power

Does bad posture reduce punching power in kung fu? Yes. Forward-rounded shoulder posture reduces the leverage of the kinetic chain and affects punch accuracy, especially in Buk Sing Choy Li Fut kung fu.

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What is Saau Chui 掃捶 - a Choy Li Fut kung fu technique

What is Saau Chui 掃捶 of Choy Li Fut kung fu?

The Saau Chui is a powerful circular punching technique which is a staple offensive technique in Choy Li Fut kung fu. This article explores the body mechanics, training and conditioning details of its technical performance.

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