Updated on June 3, 2022

LIVE Online Kung Fu-Corner Brook, Deer Lake, Pasadena-Newfoundland

image-online-kung-fu-Newfoundland-town-Corner Brook, Deer Lake, Pasadena
Online kung fu-Corner Brook, Deer Lake, Pasadena in Newfoundland and Labrador

If you live in the Newfoundland townships of Corner Brook, Deer Lake, and Pasadena you can attend the online kung fu classes with Bamboo Kung Fu.

We will be live casting our kung fu classes from our school location in downtown Toronto.

Sifu Kin Sze, who is a veteran martial arts coach and former national level competitor, will be providing the online kung fu instructions. He will guide you step by step through various kung fu techniques and their body mechanics so you can learn and apply them effectively.

Learning kung fu is one part of understanding your own body awareness and other parts applying them proficiently along an efficient kinematic chain.

You can find out more details in the article about importance of kung fu stance in martial art practice.

It's more difficult to discuss this in writing than actually conveying the idea through an online or in-class live presentation.

We’ll try to have you avoid mindlessly bashing pads in the hopes of someday being skillful in applying the kung fu techniques effectively… maybe after 10-15 years. NO! We don’t want to have you go through that!

There’s a faster way… check out the classes and ....

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LIVE Online kung fu class and partner drills with other trainees in your local area.

After having gone through the kung fu foundation training, you will progress further ahead by practicing the kung fu techniques with a training partner who has been registered and trained under our online kung fu program.

Your kung fu training partner will be someone who lives in one of the following townships:

  • Corner Brook
  • Deer Lake
  • Pasadena

  • How does knowledge of kung fu help in activities of daily living ADL?

    There are many physical and mental health benefits when you practice kung fu. Additionally, there are also functional advantages that you can learn from our kung fu program.

    Apply physical skills in activities of daily living ADL

    Kung fu teaches you techniques to utilize your body leverage to your advantage. This means that you can maximize your strength with minimal effort.

    If you are able to apply the techniques learnt from kung fu to activities of daily living ADL, you’ll be more effective in your activities and movement. This translates to lower injury risks.

    Perhaps you can push open a door with a stiff door closer easier. Maybe you can effectively climb a flight of stairs without too much huffing, puffing panting.

    At some point you may accidentally slip and fall because you walked on a wet floor or ice but you have the skill to lessen the impact of your derriere hitting hard on the ground and most likely saving you from the troubles of an injured tailbone, etc., … etc. ...