Updated on April 19, 2021

Genevieve Heineman - Women's Self-Defence and Essentrics™


Genevieve Heineman is a certified instructor and licensed Essentrics™ instructor with Bamboo Kung Fu and has been studying Choy Li Fut Kung Fu with Sifu Kin Sze for the past few years. Genevieve is the founder of Essentrics with Genevieve located in Toronto. Prior to that, she was a professional dancer with a background in ballet, modern, jazz, and hip hop. She has also studied Wu Mei Kung Fu in New York City for a number of years. Wu Mei kung fu style was the predecessor to Wing Chun kung fu, the style that Bruce Lee made famous. This led to her interest in Buddhism and she later took her Bodhisattva vows with Fo Guan Shan (彿光山) temple in California.

It is her own personal experience that practicing Kung Fu has made her healthier, stronger, and more self-confident. Genevieve is passionate about helping people to better themselves through martial arts and fitness training. She is particularly concerned with empowering women, transgender, and non-binary people to feel safe and secure within their own bodies and to protect themselves as they navigate through their daily lives.


Genevieve is currently the instructor of the Essentrics™ programs and Women, Transgender, Non-Binary kung fu classes at Bamboo Kung Fu downtown location.

Genevieve-practicing kung fu long staff with fellow trainee
Gen-executing kung fu punch on bean bag