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Kung Fu Self Defense Women, Transgender, Non-Binary

Self defense kung fu class - women, transgender, non-binary (WTNB) starting Jan 6, 2019 (Sun) - 6 pm

An inclusive environment which focuses on self-defense technique and the art of kung fu martial arts. A class program that respects who you are, and focuses on the learning on various strategies, and protocol for self-protection ...

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Guys and gents! kung fu is for everyone. We have been teaching Choy Li Fut kung fu to everyone since 2009. But demographics have been mostly males. Hence, WTNB classes. So, check the Choy Li Fut kung fu classes.

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Kung Fu Markham

Kung fu program in Markham weekly Saturday from 2:45 pm - 4:15 pm.

Adults and Children are welcome to participate.

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Martial Arts In-home Personal Training


Don't want to lift weights? Martial arts training is an option!

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If you are NOT interested in weight training, martial arts is an option. Martial art practice is a holistic training regimen that encompasses all the components of fitness (strength, endurance, great muscle tone, flexibility), all into one activity. It is an excellent activity for fitness and health. 

  Martial arts in-home personal training


Bamboo Kung Fu in Action

Bamboo Kung Fu


downtown Toronto

We don't mindlessly smash pads and punching bags ~ Not a kung fu exercise-class-type of school. We practise authentic Chinese kung fu. We mindfully work on techniques and various physical conditioning to improve our kung fu skills. The mindful practice helps both children and adults to focus better, have better self discipline at the same time improve physical fitness. Our cardio kickboxing class is more for exercise weight loss goal oriented individuals.

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kung fu student receiving achievement certificate

"Bamboo Kung Fu has exceeded by far my previous martial arts school. In 6 months at Bamboo my flexibility, balance and strength have increased more than during a year and a half at another school. Bamboo Kung Fu has been an excellent school ..."

 ~ Matthieu, Downtown Toronto


  • Children's kung fu - from ages 6 to 12 or 13 depending on physical maturity
  • Adults kung fu - adults and includes young adults from ages 13 and over.


Martial Arts Programs


Children's Program

  • Kids learn how to physically defend themselves
  • Kids learn respect.
  • Boosts self confidence and self esteem.
  • Builds strength and power, forming a good foundation for the future.
  • Kids learn how to become less violent. more

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