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updated on: September 10 2019

About Bamboo Kung Fu

What we do at Bamboo Kung Fu

Bamboo Kung Fu offers martial arts instructions for self-defense application and for fitness and health.

We provide martial arts training in:

Traditional kung fu style - Choy Li Fut kung fu

In particular, the training in traditional Choy Li Fut kung fu is very thorough and profound.  Through our Choy Li Fut kung fu coaching, you will gain awareness and understanding of various body engagements to engage your techniques. Much like sports, you need to have proper techniques to see the positive result of your movements. With our coaching, you will discover the effect of the technique is the result of proper leverage of your body mechanics.  Check out more information about our Choy Li Fut kung fu classes.

More on Choy Li Fut kung fu classes

Tai Chi - Yang Style

Yang Style Tai Chi offered through Sifu William Kan (offered only in the Scarborough location)

More about Yang style Tai Chi

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